life size Peacock
74" x 23" x 17"
Edition of 9


"Peacocks are wonderfully humorous pets. I have had a muster of peacocks since 1988 when my dear friend Charlotte sent 5 chicks home with my daughter and me on a return from Malibu. Alexander was very special. He was always there to greet me as I drove in or walked out the front door. He was an unbelievable study. One summer I started a series of sculptural scratches in our parking area. Alexander was always there. If I got too lost in my work he would make his sound as if to say,'Hi, I am here.' He always brought a smile to my face. I once stepped back to look at what I was working on and stepped on his tail, for he had laid down right behind me. I truly miss him. I believe coyotes took him. He was so sweet, graceful, and elegant. My dear friend Alexander also modeled for the head of Nureyev."


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