Dinner Guest 1

Rooster life-Size Bust
6” H x 4.5” L x 3.5” W
Total Height with stand 11”
Edition of 24


" I am blessed to have such wonderful and fun-loving friends. After the opening of Jamie Wyeth Retrospective at the Brandywine River Museum, we went to dinner at Frolic’s to celebrate. The centerpieces on the tables were real but quite Roosters in baskets, like so many that Jamie had painted. Frolic, ever the fine host, insisted early in the evening that after the dinner, I should take my centerpiece home. As we sat down for dinner, Folic got up and spoke without incident. But when Jamie got up and began to speak, a rooster crowed and then another and another as the centerpieces came to life. At first I thought it was Frolic playing a prank, but then the rooster at my table crowed, too, and soon roosters throughout the place were crowing away. Needless to say poor Jamie could not get a word in edgewise, It was as if the spirits of Andy, NC, Warhol, Jimmy Lynch where saying “Well done, Jamie. And then, just as Jamie sat down, the crowing roosters stopped!!! I left the wonderful party with two roosters, now lovingly referred to as ‘Dinner Guest 1’ and ‘Dinner Guest 2.’ The pair lived in my studio for a time, where they were great fun and proved true characters—just like the guests at Frolic’s dinner—and true to form, the lively birds would often start crowing, reminding me of that wonderful evening in a barn full of crowing centerpieces. "


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